Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A little about me...short version

This blog is different. No medical reports contradicting each other, no unanswered questions, no darkness. This blog is about light, friendship and support.

Having been ill since the age of 18 with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), I've finally reached the point in my life where everything seems to have levelled out for me, and I'm finally moving forward. I discovered last year, through means I will discuss in this blog, that I had been living in absolute fear for years... fear of what my parents thought, fear of what my friends thought, fear of the future, fear of the name it, I probably dwelled on it more often than I should've done.

I know how terrible CFS, so I know that it's not as easy as saying, "Get over it". Believe me, lots of people have thought this comment would snap me out of it over the years! I also know it's not as easy as saying, the 'fear'-based thing worked for me, therefore it'll work for you too. My aims with the website are to introduce a few ideas, topics and people that I have found inspiring. I would like to:

* Reassure you that even in the darkest depths of what you're going through you are not alone
* Create a community a people who can spring ideas and feelings off each other in a supportive, beautiful way (this was something I had no access to when I was ill)
* Although touching on medical stuff, we will explore alternative tricks which may help you in your journey
* Introduce the concept of Energy Medicine, which for me, really changed my life and health
* Share with you some amazing guys, gals, books and organisations that I am forever grateful too for bringing me to where I am today

I hope you find just one thing on this blog that resonates with you and brings a little light to your day.

Please feel free to contact me at

With deep gratitude and love,
Katie     xxx

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